Middle East Intelligence Bulletin
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Vol. 6   No. 2/3

February-March 2004

Dossier: Hassan Nasrallah
Hezbollah's secretary-general is today the most widely revered public figure in the Arab world. The story behind his meteoric rise.
Gary C. Gambill
Hezbollah Increasing Terror Activity
Syria and the Presidential Succession in Lebanon
With President Emile Lahoud's term in office coming to a close in November, Syria must decide whether to extend the mandate of its most reliable Maronite Christian surrogate or designate a successor.
Ziad K. Abdelnour
The Myth of Syria's "Old Guard"
Contrary to Western media reports, President Bashar Assad is in control.
Gary C. Gambill
Iran after the Elections
The ascendance of a minority right-wing regime in Tehran is unlikely to produce major changes in Iranian foreign policy or spark substantial domestic upheaval.
Mahan Abedin
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