Middle East Intelligence Bulletin
Jointly published by the United States Committee for a Free Lebanon and the Middle East Forum
Vol. 5   No. 6

June 2003

Special Report:
Ain al-Hilweh: Lebanon's "Zone of Unlaw"
The single most important al-Qaeda base of operations in the Middle East lies in an overcrowded, cement-block shantytown in Lebanon.

Gary C. Gambill
Can Syria Deregulate Lebanon?
Under pressure from the US to disengage from Lebanon, Syria is trying to make its satellite regime in Beirut self-regulating.
Gary C. Gambill
Dossier: Michel and Elias Murr
For nearly a decade, Lebanon's most powerful government ministry has been the personal fiefdom of a single family.
Ziad K. Abdelnour
Intelligence Briefs
Is Syria Harboring Saddam?
Having covertly armed Saddam's regime prior to the war and dispatched armed militants from Syria into Iraq to fight coalition forces, the Syrians are obstructing the hunt for Saddam Hussein and his two sons in hopes of breathing life into the Iraq "resistance."
Dossier: Hezb al-Daawa al-Islamiyya
In fighting Saddam Hussein, this secretive Shiite organization pioneered the use of suicide bombings and simultaneous terror attacks. While the movement has refused to endorse American intervention in Iraq, it has also refused to subordinate itself to Iran.
Mahan Abedin
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Gary C. Gambill

Ziad K. Abdelnour
Daniel Pipes

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