Middle East Intelligence Bulletin
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Vol. 5   No. 1

January 2003

More Unsolved Mysteries in Lebanon
The month of December alone witnessed the killing of an Iraqi dissident, the assassination of a notorious Lebanese drug dealer, and the bombing of a Muslim holy site in the Beqaa Valley. All of these crimes remain conspicuously unsolved.
Gary C. Gambill
Lebanon's Cell Phone Scandals
The battle between Lebanese and Syrian powerbrokers over control of Lebanon's most lucrative market rages on.
Gary C. Gambill
The Lebanese-Canadian Crisis
A diplomatic row with Canada highlights growing Syrian influence in Lebanese foreign policy.
Ziad K. Abdelnour
Dossier: Etienne Saqr
A close-up look at one of Lebanon's few ideological purists.
Mordechai Nisan
Intelligence Briefs
Russian Nuclear Assistance to Syria: Scam or Scandal?
Intelligence Briefs
Has Saddam Lost the Arab Street ?
In stark contrast to the anti-war demonstrators marching by the tens of thousands in Washington DC, the "Arab street" has been largely unresponsive to Saddam's appeals.

Gary C. Gambill
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Gary C. Gambill

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