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Title Date
Clifford Smith on Al Jazeera, Qatar's Agent of Influence in the U.S. January 28, 2020
Kenneth R. Timmerman: The Iranian People Are "Looking to the United States" for Help January 20, 2020
Patrick Clawson on the "Potential for High Payoff" after Soleimani Killing January 8, 2020
Clifford D. May on Iran, Turkey, and Qatar January 3, 2020
Aya Burweila on Libya's "Crisis of Legitimacy" December 31, 2019
Endy Zemenides: Washington Must "Show Turkey It Cannot Act with Impunity" against U.S. Interests December 21, 2019
Shoshana Bryen on Exploiting Iran's 'Imperial Overreach' December 18, 2019
Jonathan S. Tobin: Iran's Regime Will Fall if U.S. "Keeps Pressure On" December 11, 2019
Michael Pregent: Iraq Protestors "Willing to Die for Change," Deserve Full-Throttled U.S. Support December 11, 2019
Tony Badran: Lebanon Protests Fueled by "Endemic Corruption" of Political Class November 27, 2019
Romany Shaker: Arab Governments Aren't Fighting "Islamist Ideology." November 18, 2019
Amb. W. Robert Pearson: Sooner or Later, Putin Will Force Turkey out of Syria October 29, 2019
Humire: Momentum against Iran in Latin America Has 'Taken Off' September 4, 2019
CNN's Arwa Damon: 'Who Can Blame' Syrians for Radicalizing after U.S. Abandonment? July 17, 2019
Tommy Robinson: 'Our Free Speech and Our Rights Are Disappearing in the UK' July 10, 2019
Tarek Fatah: The Hijab Is a Political Symbol, Not Religious July 3, 2019