Nonviolent Islamism in the News

Title Publication Date
When Terrorists Learned 'Lawfare' Works: The Holy Land Foundation Trial's 10-Year Anniversary PJ Media December 3, 2018
Rejecting Israel Lobby's Influence Over Congress, Rashida Tlaib Plans to Lead Delegation to Palestine Intercept December 3, 2018
Denmark to banish foreign criminals to remote island Telegraph December 2, 2018
Government's counterterrorism is limiting texts and topics students can access, experts say Independent December 2, 2018
Police find 776 pornographic photos on Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan's laptops Al-Arabiya December 2, 2018
Why France loves this Algerian writer more than Algeria does Washington Post December 1, 2018
Prevent critics 'on side of extremists,' says home secretary Sajid Javid Telegraph December 1, 2018
'Greece could reverse decision to cut Turkish lessons' Anadolu Agency December 1, 2018
Muslims demand full legal protection from Islamophobia Guardian December 1, 2018
Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event BBC News November 30, 2018
Condemnation of hate-preaching Winterthur imam upheld Swiss Info November 30, 2018
Radicalisation threat in Belgium jails: intel report AFP November 30, 2018
Tlaib Defends Marc Lamont Hill After He's Dropped by CNN, Praises Him for 'Calling Out Oppressive Policies in Israel' Free Beacon November 30, 2018
Muslim group unsurprised by sharp rise in hate crimes CBC News November 30, 2018
CAIR's Misleading Pitch for Facebook, PayPal Matching Donations Investigative Project November 30, 2018
Chief rabbi says Dutch Labour Party opposed an anti-Semitism definition to woo Muslims JTA November 30, 2018
Muslim Brotherhood, Islamists Have 'Infiltrated' Swedish Political Parties Since 1980s, Claims Academic Breitbart November 30, 2018
Annual report of state security warns of growth of extremist home-schooling Brussels Times November 30, 2018
Wilders' 'fewer Moroccans' trial restarts, focus on former minister Dutch News November 30, 2018
Spanish Authorities Prevent Forced Marriage of Spanish Minor to Moroccan Morocco World News November 29, 2018
Female genital mutilation cases more than double in a year in UK Guardian November 29, 2018
Confidential report unearths Tariq Ramadan's foul past The National November 29, 2018
Doctor in genital mutilation case attacks remaining charge Detroit News November 29, 2018
'There is no Sharia law on German soil': CDU candidate Merz The Local November 29, 2018
German Bundestag votes to support UN migration pact Deutsche Welle November 29, 2018
US: DC group votes to rename street Jamal Khashoggi Way Anadolu Agency November 29, 2018
Muslim students raise a record breaking £1m during charity week! Asian Image November 28, 2018
Islamic Relief opens new regional office Asian Image November 28, 2018
How Seehofer is pushing to 'replace foreign influence' at Islam Conference The Local November 28, 2018
Italy adopts tough anti-migrant law AFP November 28, 2018
IPT Story Prompts ZOA President to Demand CAIR Fire Ayloush Investigative Project November 28, 2018
Online Postings Creating Controversy About Donations To Tree Of Life Synagogue CBS Pittsburgh November 28, 2018
Burka ban applies to everyone, including the large cities, Dutch PM says NL Times November 28, 2018
People from non-Western countries fail Danish citizenship test more often: ministry The Local November 28, 2018
Muslims Give Crowdfunded $238K To Jewish Pittsburgh As Conspiracy Theories Swirl Forward November 28, 2018
Palestinian Cause Should Be 'Marketed' as 'Humanitarian' Issue to Non-Muslims, NJ Imam Says Algemeiner November 28, 2018
Hikind urges progressive pols to speak out against Sarsour Brooklyn Eagle November 28, 2018
Seehofer tells Islam conference Muslims are a part of Germany Deutsche Welle November 28, 2018
Amsterdam obeys the law, says mayor about burqa ban row Dutch News November 28, 2018
Islamophobia driving belief in myths about Muslims in British society, MPs say Independent November 27, 2018
Geneva confirms sexual abuse accusations against Tariq Ramadan Al-Arabiya November 27, 2018
Ilhan Omar lauds Jewish-Muslim cooperation in fighting bigotry JTA November 27, 2018
Migrants 'rush to cross Channel by boat before Brexit' BBC News November 27, 2018
German Islam Conference reconvenes search for German Islam Deutsche Welle November 27, 2018
Pro-Israel groups condemn CAIR leader for calling on Israel's 'termination' JNS November 27, 2018
Aspiring teacher may leave Quebec if CAQ follows through on religious symbol ban CBC News November 27, 2018
Take back your words about burqas, junior minister tells mayor Dutch News November 27, 2018
CAIR Official Mocks Muslims in U.S. Military After Praising Terrorists Investigative Project November 27, 2018
Jews and Muslims in 'landmark' stand against hate crime BBC News November 27, 2018
Austrian Chapel to Broadcast Call to Prayer Throughout December to Show Islam 'Is Religion of Peace' Breitbart November 27, 2018
40 pct of Germans concerned over effects of new UN migration pact: survey Xinhua November 27, 2018
Federal female genital mutilation law ruled unconstitutional; advocates want state ban WGME November 26, 2018
Islamic Charity Linked to Terror Funding 'Helping' Wildfire Victims Clarion Project November 26, 2018
Burqa ban enforcement 'not a priority' in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam Dutch News November 26, 2018
Nearly two-thirds of Quebecers support public-sector ban on religious symbols, poll finds CBC News November 26, 2018
Why are Iranians crossing the Channel in dinghies? BBC News November 26, 2018
Warren and Controversial Women's March Leader to Speak at Immigration Conference Free Beacon November 26, 2018
CAIR Official Calls for Israel's Termination Investigative Project November 26, 2018
Social media giants 'risk lives' by not helping police Telegraph November 26, 2018
Linda Sarsour is still refusing to condemn Farrakhan's hate New York Post November 25, 2018
Muslims Have Raised Lots Of Money For Jews Recently. Here's Where It's Going Forward November 25, 2018
Sexual exploitation of British Sikh girls by Muslim men has been 'ignored' by police due to 'political correctness' The Sun November 25, 2018
Eight 'migrants' rescued after cross-channel air and sea search BBC News November 25, 2018
Pressure growing on Kirklees to reveal schools serving non-stunned halal meat Huddersfield Examiner November 25, 2018
Revealed: Theresa May 'blocked asylum application from Pakistani Christian' locked up for blasphemy despite UK playing host to hijackers, extremists and rapists Daily Mail November 24, 2018
Has political correctness gone too far? Daily Mail November 24, 2018
Five 'migrants' picked up off northern France BBC News November 24, 2018
Don't use Islam as excuse to carry out horrors of female genital mutilation Toronto Sun November 24, 2018
Ruling in genital mutilation case shocks women's advocates Associated Press November 23, 2018
Pennsylvania does not criminalize female genital mutilation York Daily Record November 23, 2018
Meghan cookbook mosque linked to 19 terror suspects including 'Jihadi John' in group's investigation Telegraph November 23, 2018
Turkish FM Calls Muslim Minority of Thrace "Turks", Says Rights Violated Greek Reporter November 23, 2018
Canada: Muslim groups call for national day of action against hate Middle East Eye November 23, 2018
London group with alleged ties to Hamas cooks chicken soup with local Jews JTA November 23, 2018
THL: 10,000 girls and women in Finland have undergone FGM YLE November 23, 2018
1.8 million asylum requests in Germany since 2013 Associated Press November 23, 2018
The moment a man in a burqa and a woman in a motorcycle helmet walk into a bank Daily Mail November 23, 2018
Ban on deportations to Syria to remain, says Interior Minister Horst Seehofer Deutsche Welle November 23, 2018
The job of terror legislation reviewer is now worthless London Times November 23, 2018
Merkel successor hopefuls bid to bury her migration legacy AFP November 22, 2018
Austrian Chancellor Kurz: Europe's Attitude to Migration 'Changed' Since 2015 Breitbart November 22, 2018
Merkel's would-be successor questions Germany's sacrosanct asylum pledge Reuters November 22, 2018
France warns of surge in migrant attempts to reach Britain by boat AFP November 22, 2018
Spy watchdog urges businesses to boycott social media firms until they crack down on terror, report says Telegraph November 22, 2018
Softer guidelines for FGM referrals see numbers drop by 95% in Bristol Bristol Post November 22, 2018
Hillary Clinton: Europe must curb immigration to stop rightwing populists Guardian November 22, 2018
Vying for Merkel's job, Jens Spahn plays the migration card Handelsblatt November 22, 2018
CDU hopeful Merz decried as 'Trump light' for questioning asylum rights Deutsche Welle November 22, 2018
Twitter Bans Far-Right Activist Laura Loomer Daily Beast November 21, 2018
Ahmad Zahra, likely the country's first openly LGBTQ Muslim city councilman, set to take office in Fullerton Orange County Register November 21, 2018
Undercover Journalist Finds One in Ten German Mosques Preach Radicalism Breitbart November 21, 2018
Germany: Turkish-Muslim Appointed Second-in-Command of Domestic Intelligence Gatestone Institute November 21, 2018
'Justice Democrat' Ilhan Omar Argued Against Bill on Female Genital Mutilation Breitbart November 21, 2018
Pushing the Iranian Regime Message in America Clarion Project November 21, 2018
Swiss backtrack on support for UN migration pact AFP November 21, 2018
'Hate preacher' banned from UK still broadcasting to millions in Britain through 'personal TV station' Independent November 21, 2018
Austria prepares for headscarf ban in primary schools Anadolu Agency November 21, 2018
EU top court rules against Austrian curbs on refugee rights Deutsche Welle November 21, 2018
German Girls Volunteer to Wear Islamic Headscarves in School 'Discrimination Experiment' Breitbart November 21, 2018
Lawsuit says Virginia jail's 'God Pod' violates Constitution Associated Press November 21, 2018
Sarsour Alternately Apologetic and Defiant About Women's March Links to Farrakhan Free Beacon November 21, 2018
Sen. Margaret O'Brien appalled by federal judge decision to overturn FGM ban WWMT November 21, 2018
Organization Run by US Muslim Brotherhood Operative Is Dissolved FrontPage Magazine November 21, 2018
Air Force grants first beard waiver to Muslim airman Stars and Stripes November 20, 2018
Muslim leaders boycott meeting with Scott Morrison following Melbourne terror attack comments ABC Australia November 20, 2018
Deportations to Afghanistan go ahead after mass protest The Local November 20, 2018
Somali Workers in Minnesota Force Amazon to Negotiate New York Times November 20, 2018
Turkey seeks extradition of exiled cleric from US Associated Press November 20, 2018
German state plans to ban religious symbols from courts Deutsche Welle November 20, 2018
Austria, where far right is part of government, takes a leading role in Europe's fight against anti-Semitism JTA November 20, 2018
Genital mutilation ban ruled unconstitutional; judge drops charges against sect Detroit News November 20, 2018
The EU's Dangerous New Confidence Game Gatestone Institute November 20, 2018
Notorious Aarhus mosque helps police apprehend erratic armed man Copenhagen Post November 20, 2018
Germany examines the place of its Muslims La Croix International November 20, 2018