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Individuals Associated with: Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF)

The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) is a now-defunct charitable trust, originally established in 1988 as the "Occupied Land Fund" by Muslim Brotherhood operatives. In November 2008, HLF officials were convicted of conspiring to provide material support to the terror group Hamas. According to the indictment, total aid to Hamas from 1988 to 2004 exceeded $57 million.

Islamist Watch acknowledges Citizens for National Security for making a significant contribution to the following list.

Name Affiliation Record of Political Donations
Riad Abdelkarim HLF: Former Secretary, board member View Donations Record
Mufid Abdulqader HLF: Former Major fundraiser, convicted of supporting terrorism None
Shukri AbuBaker HLF: Former Board member None
Rasmi Almallah HLF: Former Board member View Donations Record
Raed Awad HLF: Former Registered representative of HLF for Florida View Donations Record
Ali Bagegni HLF: Former Board member of IARA, convicted of illegal money transfers to Iraq None
Mohammad El-Mezain HLF: Former Chairman, Director of Endowments; sentenced to 18 years for funding Hamas None
Ghassan Elashi HLF: Former Co-founder None
Haitham Magharwi HLF: Former Executive Director None
Akram Mishal HLF: Former Project and Grants Director None
Aly Mishal HLF: Former Unindicted co-conspirator None
Dalell Mohmed HLF: Former Project coordinator; later executive director for Kinder USA View Donations Record
Ibrahim Muzayyin HLF: Former Director None
Abdulraham Odeh HLF: Former New Jersey representative of HLF None
Omar Shahin HLF: Former Arizona Coordinator View Donations Record