Prominent Islamists

Individuals Associated with: SAAR Network (SAAR)

The SAAR Network (SAAR) and the Safa Group (SAFA) are both terms used to refer to a group of associated nonprofits, for-profit organizations, and asset-management companies, which often shared officers or members of the board, and were often registered to the same addresses. The Network served as a money-laundering conduit for al-Qaida and other terror groups.

Islamist Watch acknowledges Citizens for National Security for making a significant contribution to the following list.

Name Affiliation Record of Political Donations
AbdelHamid AbuSulayman SAAR: Former Board member None
Suleman Ahmer SAAR: Former Operations manager for BIF (Benevolence International Foundation), front group for Bosnian jihadis etc. None
Suliman Al-Buthe SAAR: Former Attorney and Treasurer of Al Haramain Islamic Foundation, a designated organization; he himself was also designated None
Abdurahman Alamoudi SAAR: Former Founder of American Muslim Council; connected to Holy Land Foundation; convicted of being al-Qaida financier View Donations Record
Hisham Altalib SAAR: Former Vice President View Donations Record
Jamal Barzinji SAAR: Former Board of trustees View Donations Record
Soliman Biheiri SAAR: Former Head of Bait ul Mal Inc., (BMI), convicted of supporting Hamas None
Mohammad Jaghlit SAAR: Former Director of SAAR, unindicted co-conspirator of Holy Land Foundation View Donations Record
Yaqub Mirza SAAR: Former Treasurer View Donations Record
Perouz Sedaghaty SAAR: Former Secretary of Al Haramain None
Sayyid Syeed SAAR: Former Officer View Donations Record