The original research and commentary we produce is based in part on reports and developments provided by news media across North America and throughout the West, as well as our own investigations. But reports that reflect an insider or local's view of Islamist activism add an important element to our work. If you have a tip, we want to hear it.

If you have information about Islamist activity in your area, contact Islamist Watch at Reports on the words and actions of lawful Islamists are always welcome. Please include your name, general location, and email address. Information not yet published or only reported in the local press is most useful to us. And don't assume the information need be negative; we are very interested in learning about and promoting the activism of moderate Muslims.

Islamist Watch may contact you to verify the information you have submitted, and ask for supporting documentation.

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In addition, if you have some information about Islamist operatives, groups or networks, and think you could write an article about it, Islamist Watch may well be interested in helping you find a publisher. Send your pitches to