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IW News Brief: French Food Fight, CAIRless Lawmaker May 13, 2015
IW News Brief: NYC Muslim Holidays, Corporate Speech Police April 13, 2015
IW News Brief: Cartoonophobia, Outspoken Mayor, and More February 13, 2015
New FBI Hate Crime Stats: Another Blow to Islamist Fictions December 15, 2014
IW News Brief: CAIR's Terror Disaster, Harrods Protest, and More December 6, 2014
IW News Brief: Rotherham Rape Horror, Shari'a Police, and More October 31, 2014
IW News Brief: Burqa Ban Victory, Islamic Pants, and More August 28, 2014
IW News Brief: Niqabs in Court, Jihad in Brussels, and More June 25, 2014
IW News Brief: NYPD Cop-Out, Brotherhood Probe, and More April 30, 2014
IW News Brief: NYPD Vindicated, Islamists United, and More March 31, 2014
IW News Brief: Islamist Condos, Vaccine Lawsuit, and More February 27, 2014
IW News Brief: PC Counterterrorism, Brothers in Exile, and More January 31, 2014
IW News Brief: CAIR's Top Jew, Vaccine Squabble, and More December 31, 2013
FBI Stats Further Debunk 'Islamophobia' Myth November 30, 2013
IW News Brief: NYC Elections, Swiss Burqa Ban, and More October 31, 2013
IW News Brief: CAIR Exposed, UK Burqa Battles, and More September 30, 2013
IW News Brief: Morsi's U.S. Allies, Ramadan Recap, and More August 31, 2013
IW News Brief: A Long, Hot Summer of Riots and Rallies July 31, 2013
IW News Brief: Erasing Jihad, U.S. Terror Divide, and More June 30, 2013
IW News Brief: Shari'a Triangle, Burqa Banditry, and More June 20, 2013
IW News Brief: Fort Hood Fiasco, UK Jihad Denial, and More May 31, 2013
IW News Brief: Shari'a Creep in (Not So) Jolly Old England May 21, 2013
IW News Brief: Boston and the Aftermath of Terror April 30, 2013
IW News Brief: Multicultural Rape, March of Halal, and More April 17, 2013
IW News Brief: Syrian Rebel PM Is Ex-CAIR Official, and More March 31, 2013
IW News Brief: Hitler's Disciples, Islamic Flogging, and More March 22, 2013
IW News Brief: Adoption Jihad, Halal Hysteria, and More March 4, 2013
IW News Brief: Welfare Jihad, Public School Da'wa, and More February 22, 2013
IW News Brief: Hedegaard Lives, UK's Jihad TV, and More February 14, 2013
IW News Brief: Jews Leave Brussels, Sex Offender Walks, and More February 6, 2013
IW News Brief: Muslim Patrol, Halal Housing, and More January 28, 2013
Hate Crime Stats Deflate 'Islamophobia' Myth January 11, 2013
When Romney Met Kenny: Mitt's Islamist Gamble October 23, 2012
Western Courts Bend to Islamic Practices October 1, 2012
American Islamist Groups Shape Arab Revolutions July 31, 2012
Philadelphia and the Burqa Bandits June 29, 2012
The BBC Broadcasts Its Own Dhimmitude May 10, 2012
Gay Marriage Has Islamists Eyeing Polygamy April 16, 2012
Western Survival Depends on Western Pride March 28, 2012
CAIR's Fight Against Pennsylvania Foreign Law Bill February 13, 2012
Denying Islamists Federal Security Clearances January 29, 2012
Befogging the Enemy: U.S. Officials as Human Pretzels December 31, 2011
CAIR Targets Muslims Who Oppose Radical Islam December 23, 2011
Male Nurse Claims He Was Fired for Treating Muslim Women November 30, 2011
Hate Crimes: Muslims No Worse Off Than Jews, Gays, or Blacks November 25, 2011
Security Clearance Pulled Due to Wife's Islamist Links November 16, 2011
Islamists as Slumlords November 4, 2011
Threats to Free Speech: A Tale of Two Terry Joneses October 14, 2011
'Islamophobia' Defense Succeeds for Shooter of Aussie Cop October 7, 2011
No Hijab, No Peace: Analyzing the Rye Playland Incident September 30, 2011
Pew Poll Quantifies the Radical Minority of U.S. Muslims September 6, 2011
Gallup's U.S. Muslim Survey: No Great Boon to Islamists August 31, 2011
Belgian Burqa Ban Takes Effect — Who's Next? August 11, 2011
CAIR Regularly Slams America on Iranian TV July 22, 2011
Face of Controversial Philly Muslim Adorns City-Backed Mural July 15, 2011
Prince Goes from 'Darling Nikki' to 'Darling Niqab' July 8, 2011
Armageddon, Farrakhan, and Philadelphia's Islamic Festival June 29, 2011
CAIR's 'Islamophobia' Study Distorts Philly Mosque Case June 24, 2011
The Justice Department's PC-Heavy Press Releases June 7, 2011
Have Christians Gone Overboard in Outreach to Muslims? May 31, 2011
Everybody Remember Molly Norris Day May 20, 2011
Muslims for Burqa Bans May 13, 2011
Did a Polygamous Imam Lead Prayer in the Florida Legislature? April 27, 2011
Efforts to Ban the Burqa Go Well Beyond France April 20, 2011
CNN 'Islamophobia' Piece Relies on Flagrant Deception April 8, 2011
Boorish Anti-Muslim Protesters Aid Islamists March 31, 2011
Violent Jihad Kills Muslims, 'Islamophobia' Does Not March 25, 2011
Muslim Radicalization: Rebutting Peter King's Critics March 9, 2011
Sexual Slavery in Britain and Its PC Enablers February 28, 2011
Teachers Physically Assaulted by Islamists February 26, 2011
Europe Wakes to Multiculturalism's Epic Failure February 18, 2011
Trend: Burn a Koran, Get Arrested January 31, 2011
Burqa Bandits Target TD Bank January 21, 2011
The Slow-Motion Exodus of European Jews January 7, 2011
Ham and Other Troublesome Topics in Class December 30, 2010
The Grinches Who Steal Christmas December 25, 2010
A Muslim, Her Guide Horse, and Reciprocity December 16, 2010
Hate Crime Stats: Where's the 'Islamophobia'? December 3, 2010
Muslims in Christian Schools: Religious Friction 101 November 26, 2010
Oklahoma's Shari'a Ban and CAIR's Risky Response November 15, 2010
Informal Honor Police Use Taxis as Patrol Cars November 1, 2010
NPR Cans Juan Williams for Addressing Reality October 22, 2010
Book Publishers' Continued Cold Feet over Islam October 15, 2010
Celebrating Free Speech Victories October 8, 2010
Kenny Gamble Nets Another $500K from Taxpayers September 30, 2010
Trend: Christians Preach to Muslims, Get Arrested September 24, 2010
Ramadan Accommodations: Tolerable vs. Troubling September 10, 2010
Media Cite Professor Bagby, Not CAIR Bigshot Bagby August 31, 2010
Professor Prothero, Meet the Burqa Bandits August 27, 2010
The Ground Zero Mosque: Counterproductive to Islamists? August 20, 2010
CAIR Becomes a Political Hot Potato August 6, 2010
Ramadan Controversies Start Early July 30, 2010
Pandering to Muslims at Taxpayer Expense July 26, 2010
Self-Censorship: Et Tu, Penn Jillette? July 12, 2010
The European June: Riots, Stonings, and Brawls June 30, 2010
Islamic Dress and No-Win Situations June 25, 2010
Virgin Mary Gets Dragged into the Burqa Fray June 4, 2010
Here Come the Burqa Bans May 31, 2010
Cordoba House Backer Feisal Abdul Rauf Loves Shari'a May 28, 2010
Jihad on Camera: Hatred at UCSD, Lars Vilks Attacked May 14, 2010
Trickle-Down Self-Censorship May 6, 2010
Bear-Suit Muhammad and the Wages of Cowardice April 28, 2010
Siraj Wahhaj Starts Health Clinics, Enjoys a Media Whitewash April 16, 2010
Sports Report: Hijabs Ruled Offside, Beards KOed April 14, 2010
Tariq Ramadan Is Coming to New York: Care to Greet Him? April 6, 2010
The Cartoon Jihad and the Path to Self-Censorship March 28, 2010
Hijab Bullies Unveil Their Aggression March 15, 2010
Amnesty International Mainstreams the Jihad March 9, 2010
Objection, Your Honor: European Courts Placate Islamists March 5, 2010
A Brief Taxonomy of Campus Free Speech Foes February 28, 2010
Islamists Play Shell Games with Security February 23, 2010
Muslims Confront Islamism, Get Targeted by Islamists February 14, 2010
Fearing for Freedom in a Post-Christian Europe January 31, 2010
The Buffalo Beheading Case and Other Odd Legal Defenses January 29, 2010
Criticizing Islamists Can Be Hazardous to Your Health January 22, 2010
Burqa Wars Erupt on Campus January 13, 2010
Honor Crime in America: 2009 Recap December 31, 2009
Not Jolly Good II: Islamists Funded by the UK Government December 30, 2009
Not Jolly Good: Islamists in the UK Government December 16, 2009
PC-Free Thoughts on the Muslim Response to Fort Hood December 8, 2009
Government's Fort Hood Follies November 30, 2009
Multicultural Crime Blotter: Male Medics, Police Touch Muslim Women November 24, 2009
2012: Rated D for Dhimmitude November 15, 2009
Five Years After Van Gogh's Murder, Free Speech Is Under Attack November 2, 2009
Imam Killed in FBI Shootout Sat on Board of Muslim Lobby Group MANA October 29, 2009
Smiley-Face Definitions of 'Jihad' Grow Ever More Comical October 21, 2009
Test-Driving the ImHalal 'Islamic' Search Engine October 14, 2009
Getting Serious About Honor Violence in the UK September 30, 2009
Some Holy Books Are More Equal Than Others September 26, 2009
Non-Muslims Join the Ramadan Fast September 14, 2009
Why Islamists Accuse Moderate Muslims of Apostasy August 31, 2009
Burqinis Stir Troubled Waters in Public Swimming Pools August 24, 2009
Western Dhimmitude: Voluntary vs. Involuntary August 10, 2009
Muslims Are Not Monolithic July 31, 2009
Should Public Schools Close for Muslim Holidays? July 28, 2009
Sonia Sotomayor and the Future of Anti-Islamist Speech July 20, 2009
Islam in Prison: Inmates Running the Asylum July 9, 2009
Multiculturalism and the Case of the Unwanted Hello June 30, 2009
ISNA Becomes the New Belle of the Islamist Ball June 26, 2009
BBC: Television for Dhimmis June 17, 2009
Hijab Bullies Want Everyone to Cover Up June 8, 2009
Europe Pushes Back Against Female Genital Mutilation May 31, 2009
Can Muslims and Gays Coexist in Europe? May 20, 2009
'Punk the FBI' Imam Abdul Alim Musa Gets Punked by Britain May 8, 2009
A Tale of Two Shari'a Finance Articles May 2, 2009
New Honor Killings Follow Same Old Template April 30, 2009
Hijabs, Niqabs, and the Bounds of Accommodation April 20, 2009
Very Different Clergymen, Very Different Departures April 11, 2009
Glimmers of Hope in Great Britain April 3, 2009
Islamist Groups Keep 'Punking' the FBI March 27, 2009
Islamic Sectarian Feuds Come to the West March 22, 2009
Fayetteville Observer Climbs into Bed with CAIR March 16, 2009
Changing Names to Placate Muslims March 9, 2009
Austrian Students Get Lessons in Hate February 28, 2009
Some Perspective on Eateries Going Halal February 19, 2009
Modern Segregation Has an Islamist Face February 11, 2009
CAIR's Problems Start to Snowball February 3, 2009
War on Anti-Islamist Speech Heats Up January 28, 2009
A Post-Inaugural Prayer, Courtesy of Islamists January 19, 2009
Associated Press Shills for Shari'a Banking January 17, 2009
Famously Secular France Now Finances Mosques January 9, 2009
Islamists Dream of Apartheid Down Under December 31, 2008
One Law for All Campaign: Anti-Shari'a or Anti-Religion? December 22, 2008
Christmas, a Season for Accommodating Islam December 10, 2008
At Whitemoor Prison, Common Sense Remains in Lockup December 6, 2008
Euphemisms No Match for Radical Islam November 29, 2008
UN, Saudis Conspire to Stifle Free Speech November 22, 2008
U.S. Treasury Prepares Its Submission to Shari'a November 13, 2008
British Government Offers Mixed Signals on Shari'a Courts November 6, 2008
Video Game Dispute Underscores Muslim Divide October 28, 2008
Islamism and PC Accommodation Haunt the Bereaved October 19, 2008
Free Speech 3, Canadian Islamic Congress 0 October 13, 2008
They Don't CAIR Much for Free Debate October 9, 2008
Forced Marriage: A Big Problem for the UK's Littlest Muslims October 1, 2008
Note to CAIR: Your Islamism Is Showing September 29, 2008
From Land of Shakespeare to Land of Shari'a? September 27, 2008
CAIR, MPAC Hail Release of Jihadist Professor September 17, 2008
Appeasement Puts the 'Mad' in 'Ramadan' September 10, 2008
Halifax Pool Jumps into the Deep End of Muslim Accommodation August 28, 2008
Polygamy Befuddles Dutch Government August 19, 2008
Fearful Random House Kills 'Racy' Islam Novel August 13, 2008
Levant Wins Cartoon Case, Trashes Human Rights Court August 11, 2008
Workplace Accommodations for Islam Stir Controversy August 8, 2008
Do British Muslims Want Shari'a? August 1, 2008
UN to Britain: Stop Being Islamophobic July 30, 2008
No French Citizenship for Veiled Muslim July 26, 2008
Islamists Buying Ads in NYC Subways July 24, 2008
CAIR Has Its Way with the Fairfax County Police July 19, 2008
Slouching Towards Dhimmitude, One Apology at a Time July 14, 2008
Pray to Allah in Class or Get Detention July 9, 2008
Another Big Endorsement of Shari'a in the UK July 6, 2008
British Security Going to the Dogs? July 1, 2008
Virginity Restoration on the European Taxpayer's Dime June 28, 2008
The Non-Handshake That Shook Ireland June 26, 2008
Salon Owner Stunned by Hair-Raising Discrimination Fine June 23, 2008
Television Viewers Tuning in to More Islam June 21, 2008
A Dutch Muslim Anonymously Appeals for Introspection June 18, 2008
Virginia's Islamic Saudi Academy Offers Lessons in Radicalism June 16, 2008
Ontario in Denial over Polygamy Culture June 13, 2008
The Inquisition of Mark Steyn and Maclean's June 11, 2008
CAIR's 'Islam 101' Assembly Earns a Failing Grade June 6, 2008
Christians Warned Not to Evangelize British Muslims June 3, 2008
UK Prison Service Shackled by Multiculturalism June 1, 2008
Minnesota Tortilla Maker Says 'No Más' to Islamic Garb May 30, 2008
Gender Segregation at Thirty Thousand Feet May 27, 2008
Prominent Catholic Priest Ready for Shari'a Law in Britain May 22, 2008
Shari'a Chic Struts Its Stuff on Virginia Campus May 19, 2008
Cartoon Chaos! May 15, 2008
UK Firms Place a Premium on Shari'a-Compliant Insurance May 12, 2008
Netherlands Trying to Ban Burqas Yet Again May 8, 2008
Stop the Pandering, Say Secular Muslims May 6, 2008
Separatist Islamic Group Can't Be Called 'Separatist Islamic Group' on BBC May 2, 2008
Church's Chicken: An Example of Islam in the Private Sector April 30, 2008
Courses from Egypt's Al-Azhar University Heading to Denmark April 27, 2008
Islamist Money Buying Clout in British Academia April 22, 2008
Critics of Islam Face the Speech Police April 18, 2008
British Broadcasters Tiptoe Round the Muslims April 15, 2008
Minnesota's Publicly Funded Madrassa? April 11, 2008
Skeletons Bursting from Muslim Students Association Closets April 9, 2008
Polygamy in the Fast Lane April 7, 2008
Secular Muslim Teaches Archbishop of Canterbury about Western Values April 4, 2008
Hirsi Ali Slams Dutch Government's Fits over Fitna April 2, 2008
Bus Passengers Taken for a Ride on the Shari'a Express March 31, 2008
March Cannot End Quickly Enough for CAIR March 28, 2008
High-Profile Conversion Underscores the Perils of Apostasy in the West March 26, 2008
Islamic Finance Ascends the Ivory Tower March 24, 2008
Islamist Fingerprints on Failed Smear of Steven Emerson March 20, 2008
Forced Marriages a Growing Concern in Britain March 17, 2008
Statues Veiled in Europe to Protest Gender Apartheid March 14, 2008
New York Sends Libel Tourists Packing March 12, 2008
Exclusion Is the New Inclusion March 10, 2008