Just as in past months, CAIR officials refused to comment on September’s instances of Islamist hate. 

The leaves are falling and the seasons are changing, but the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) continues with business as usual. Just as in past months, CAIR officials refused to comment on September’s instances of Islamist hate. 

This month, we published a piece highlighting the anti-Semitism of CAIR-Florida Communications Director, Wilfredo Amr Ruiz. We wrote to CAIR-National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper, and to CAIR-Florida Executive Director Hassan Shibly, showing that Ruiz authored a hateful article in which he parrots falsehoods—including the popular Nazi canard that the Talmud instructs Jews to bury Jesus next to the grave of Muhammad, where Jews should then “throw dead dogs and monkeys.” We asked Hooper and Shibly for comment on these and other instances of Ruiz’s classic anti-Semitism, but received no response.

Next, we tweeted our evidence at Ruiz, Shibly, Hooper, and CAIR’s national and Florida chapters. We received no response from any of them, though Ruiz did follow us on Twitter. In contrast, CAIR’s national chapter blocked our Twitter account.

Nor did we get better results when we asked Hooper for comment on the radical speakers involved in the recent Houston Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention.

As we pointed out to him and CAIR-Houston Communications Director Sobia Siddiqui, among the ISNA speakers was Indonesian imam Shamsi Ali, who has written that “Jews are working to destroy Islam and the Ummah [the worldwide Muslim community],” and has expressed “respect for the fighting spirit of Hamas.” We also found that an ISNA official, Mr. Pervez Nasim, recently posted a troubling featuring  a well-known peddler of anti-Semitic falsehoods, Ken O’Keefe, denying the Holocaust and insisting that Jews control the media (among other similar claims).

Not a single CAIR staff member, nor any of CAIR’s social media accounts even acknowledged this abject hatred—much less condemned any of it. It’s time for CAIR to finally admit that it’s not concerned with fighting bigotry wherever it is found, but rather with concealing the hatred that emanates from within CAIR’s own friends and staff.