Here are 23 of the most important Islamism-related stories from this month that you won't want to miss:

For many years now Islamist Watch's senior research fellow David Rusin has maintained an archive of links and excerpts to stories relating to Islamism both at home and abroad. He usually adds 5-10 items each day and here are 23 of the most important picks from this month that you won't want to miss:

1. Independent Journal Review, September 1: After Being Caught Exploiting Houston Flooding, Linda Sarsour Blames 'White Supremacists'

2. Conservative Review, September 1: Notorious lefty & Islamic groups to protest Trump's 'Muslim ban'

3. Conservative Review, September 2: Linda Sarsour, leftist icon, to speak at radical Islamic confab

4. Matthew Vadum at FrontPageMag, September 4: Gambling With National Security

5. Register-Guard, September 5: CAIR sees a role in Oregon

6. Philadelphia Inquirer, September 5: Fear of Islamic health clinic stirs debate in Northeast Philly

7. Breitbart News, September 5: Canadian Muslim Website Publishes Article Defending 'Medical Benefits' of Female Circumcision

8. Buzzfeed, September 6: A Secret Weapon In The Fight Against Islamophobia

9. The Daily Wire, September 8: Sarsour Claims, 'If I Want To Say I'm Black, I'm Black'

10. CAMERA, September 11: Politico Whitewashes Linda Sarsour's Record

11. ABC News, September 12: Muslim scholar Jihad Turk makes educating America on Islam his full-time job

12. JTA, September 12: British Muslims twice as likely to espouse anti-Semitic views, survey suggests

13. Daily Mail, September 12: Why is he even getting a platform? Islamist extremist who wants ex-Muslims killed invited to Sydney University religion debate

14. Andalou Agency, September 13: Turkish minister issues warning about Islamophobia

15. Toronto Sun, September 14: Liberals are wrongly supporting a Muslim victimhood narrative

16. Detroit News, September 14: 2 moms charged as genital mutilation scandal widens

17. JTA, September 14: Muslim group honors Jews for empowering Muslims

18. Daily Mail, September 17: Islamist extremist tells university students ex-Muslims should be killed under Sharia law during debate with atheist who feared for his safety

19. New Europe, September 19: Charity investigated for terror ties received Qatar funding

20. FrontPageMag, September 20: South Florida Muslim Leader Sofian Zakkout Promotes Farrakhan Video Calling Jews "Satan"

21. Toronto Sun, Septemer 20: M-103 talk turns to prosecution, censorship

22. Daily Caller, September 25: Linda Sarsour Calls Travel Ban Against North Korea And Venezuela A 'Muslim Ban'

23. Investigative Project, September 27: CAIR Chief Among American Islamists Eulogizing Brotherhood Leader

In addition, check out these IW-authored articles and blog blog posts:

1. Sam Westrop at The Daily Caller on September 12: Credulous Journalists Help Islamists Thrive

2. David M. Swindle at The Daily Wire on September 18: The 3 Hidden Truths Revealed When Imams Oppose the GLBTQ-Islamist Partnership

3. Sam Westrop at The American Spectator on September 21: Terror-Linked Charity Islamic Relief Escapes Ban on Receiving Your Tax Dollars

4. Samantha Rose Mandeles and Sam Westrop at Gatestone Institute on September 21: American Islamists Turn to Ankara

5. Samantha Rose Mandeles at Gatestone Institute on September 27: Islamist Duplicity: Racism, Homophobia In Self-Described "Mainstream" Groups

6. Sam Westrop at IW Blog on September 27: U.S. Charity Openly Funds Violent Pakistani Shi'ite Movement

7. Mauro Lubrano at The Daily Caller: Boston's New Islamic Seminary Is Radicalizing The Next Generation Of Clerics