Islamist Watch's senior research fellow David Rusin's archive of November stories relating to Islamism, both at home and abroad.

For many years now Islamist Watch's senior research fellow David Rusin has maintained an archive of links and excerpts to stories relating to Islamism both at home and abroad. He usually adds 5-10 items each day and here are 48 of the most important picks from November that you won't want to miss:

1. Swiss Info, November 1: Tariq Ramadan denies multiple rape accusations

2. KRON, November 1: Bay Area CAIR: President Trump using New York terror attack to scapegoat Muslims

3. The National, November 1: French official knew of Tariq Ramadan's 'violent' sexual encounters but failed to act

4. WPEC, November 1: CAIR worries how NY attack will dictate treatment of Muslim community


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5. Newsmax, November 1: Dr. Zuhdi Jasser: Islam Needs a Reformation

6. Evening Standard, November 2: Londoner to be charged with causing FGM in landmark UK prosecution

7. Detroit News, November 2: Panel sends genital mutilation bill to U.S. House

8. Farzana Hassan at the Toronto Sun, November 2: The radical Islamists are very much a part of the problem

9. Free Beacon, November 3: Harvard Org to Honor CAIR Founder

10. Greek Reporter, November 6: Greek Gov't Fails to Respond to Turkish Vice President's Irredentist Behavior

11. Phoenix New Times, November 6: Despite Armed Protests, CAIR-Arizona Banquet Gets Record Turnout

12. AFP, November 6: Oxford's Ramadan rejects new sexual misconduct claims

13. New York Daily News, November 6: Bo Dietl tweets photo of de Blasio with activist Linda Sarsour wearing head scarf, asks if NYC can 'trust this guy'

14. Investigative Project, November 6: Tariq Ramadan's Fans Insist He's Not a Rapist: It's the Women's Fault. And the Jews'

15. AFP, November 7: Oxford academic Tariq Ramadan takes leave over sex abuse probes

16. Independent, November 7: Finsbury Park Mosque says it was 'unaware' trustee is senior member of Hamas

17. Investigative Project, November 7: American Islamists' Silence on Tariq Ramadan Rape Allegations Speaks Volumes

18. Joe Kaufman at FrontPageMag, November 7: NY Attacker's Mosque Promoted Site Advocating Violence Against Jews, Women, Gays

19. CNS News, November 8: CAIR Praises Virginia Muslim Voters for Supporting Liberal Ralph Northam

20. Andalou Agency, November 9: Turkish PM warns US Muslims against FETO terrorism

21. Investigative Project, November 9: Egyptian Islamist Uses New Jersey Base to Stoke Christian Hatred

22. The Algemeiner, November 10: When It Comes to Linda Sarsour, Where's the 'Glamour' in Bigotry?

23. Andalou Agency, November 10: Europe turning into open-air prison: Turkish president

24. Cedar Rapids Gazette, November 11: Miriam Amer confronts stereotypes to be Muslim leader

25. New York Times, November 12: In 'Watershed Moment,' YouTube Blocks Extremist Cleric's Message

26. Voice of America, November 13: Sexual Assault Charges Against Islamic Scholar Divide Europe's Muslim Communities

27. Tablet, November 13: The New School Invites Linda Sarsour to Lead Panel on Anti-Semitism

28. Daily Caller, November 13: Linda Sarsour Envisions A Day When Colin Kaepernick Is Lauded As American Civil Rights Hero

29. Newsweek, November 13: YouTube Hasn't Blocked U.S. Cleric, ISIS Recruiter Who Inspired London Bridge Attack In Its Hate Speech Crackdown

30. The Forward, November 15: The Absurdity Of Linda Sarsour And JVP Discussing Anti-Semitism

31. Jordan Schachtel at Conservative Review, November 16: Terror-linked CAIR & NYC's de Blasio team up for 'social justice'

32. Al Jazeera, November 16: UAE remarks on control of mosques in Europe condemned

33. Times of Israel, November 17: Lexington Massachusetts Rabbi Colludes with Hamas Front Group

34. Investigative Project, November 17: ISNA President Addresses Jamaat-e-Islami Crowd In India

35. The New York Post, November 19: The New School's fake panel 'to combat anti-Semitism'

36. Gatestone Institute, November 20: Turkey Islamizes Denmark with More Mosques

37. Fox News, November 20: Lawmakers call on Trump administration to outlaw Muslim Brotherhood with new strategy

38. Newsweek, November 20: Female Genital Mutilation Happening to an Alarming Number of U.S. Girls

39. Free Beacon, November 21: Mount Holyoke 'Women of Color Trailblazers Leadership Conference' to Feature Linda Sarsour

40. The National, November 21: 'Tariq Ramadan's victims could be in their hundreds' – new exposé

41. Free Beacon, November 22: Cardozo School of Law Advertises Event on Anti-Semitism Featuring Speakers Condemned as Anti-Semites

42. FrontPage Magazine, November 22: Soros Defends Sarsour

43. Al-Arabiya, November 23: French woman accusing Tariq Ramadan of rape placed under police protection

44. Joe Kaufman at FrontPage Magazine, November 24: South Florida Muslim Leader Posts Video in Order to "Beat the F**king Jews"

45. The Telegraph, November 26: Charity boss's links to online hate

46. London Times, November 26: Ahmadi mosques on guard over death threats from Muslims

47. New York Daily News, November 26: Old-school hate at The New School: The university is wrong to put Linda Sarsour on a panel

48. The Washington Post, November 27: France's Weinstein scandal is also about Islam

In addition, check out these 4 IW-authored articles and 3 IW blog blog posts:

1. Samantha Rose Mandeles at The American Spectator on November 14: 'Journalist' Ayat Oraby: Mainstream or Extreme?

2. Benjamin Baird at The American Spectator on November 15: Ohio Lawmakers Meet with Islamists in the Capitol

3. Sam Westrop at The Algemeiner on November 17: The Boston Islamic Seminary Is Training the Next Generation of Extremists

4. Sam Westrop at The Daily Caller on November 22: Deobandis Meet in Virginia to Incite Violence Against Persecuted Islamic Minority

5. Sam Westrop at IW Blog on November 8: Now Revealed: Millions of Foundation Dollars Flowing to Islamist Groups

6. Sam Westrop at IW Blog on November 17: The Islamic Society of Boston: From One Scandal to Another

7. Samantha Rose Mandeles at IW Blog on November 27: CNN's Islamist Romance