Islamists Team With Government to Monitor Your Speech

Residents of Pennsylvania and civil libertarians everywhere might be shocked to learn that a quasi-governmental task force, that includes officials from the state police and attorney general, has been compiling secretive "bias reports" on the speech of private citizens – in violation of their First Amendment right to free speech.

But it gets worse.

One of the members of the task force is Hamas-linked CAIR-PA, the local affiliate of the radical Islamist group Council on American-Islamic Relations — an organization declared an unindicted co-conspirator in America's most significant terror financing trial and banned from contact with the FBI. CAIR wants the power to limit the free speech of citizens when it comes to Islam. They want to decide what can and can not be said.

Hillel Zaremba, a research fellow at Islamist Watch, has done ground-breaking research into Pennsylvania's collusion with CAIR, which resulted in his Islamist Watch article published on March 11 in Pajamas Media. Read the whole thing here. Send it to friends.

If we don't fight for our civil liberties, we'll lose them.