This week the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) released yet another version of its "Islamophobia" report, "Confronting Fear," replete with lists and fancy quantitative analyses of groups CAIR opposes, dividing them into "inner core" and "outer core," and estimating their incomes.

It's all very interesting for those of us (the Middle East Forum, in my case) mentioned. But more amusing is that the report also provides a list of 39 Islamists who, CAIR informs us, participated at an "August 2015 strategy session" where they developed the outline of this report and its conceit that we critics of Islamism should be banished like the Ku Klux Klan.

The list of those 39, in fact, gives we critics a handy outline of many of the worst lawful Islamists in the United States of America. Here they are, organized by me into categories and with a few comments:


· Roula Allouch

· Ahmed Al-Shehab

· Nihad Awad

· Zainab Chaudry

· Arlene El-Amin

· Sarwat Husain

· Robert McCaw

· Lori Saroya (the founder of CAIR's Minnesota chapter, recently promoted to the national level to help grow more local CAIR branches)

· Corey Saylor (the report's author and CAIR's person most focused on pushing the meme of "Islamophobia")

CAIR's local leadership

· Zahra Billoo, CAIR-San Francisco Bay Area

· Mongi Dhaouadi, CAIR-Connecticut

· Alia Salem, CAIR-Dallas-Fort Worth

· Hassan Shibly, CAIR-Florida

· Imraan Siddiqi, CAIR-Arizona

Islamic Circle of North America

· Naeem Baig

· Zahid Bukhari


· Umar Ahmed, attorney

· Mohamed Elibiary, Lone Star Intelligence (he brags about his Islamism openly at the top of his Twitter profile bio "MB=ok,ISIS=bad")

· Maha Hilal, National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms

· Ramah Kudaimi, U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

· Meira Neggaz, Institute for Social Policy and Understanding

· Linda Sarsour, Arab American Association of New York (Be sure and note this entry on Sarsour, who is developing her own variant of the ideology by heavily blending it with new media narcissism: "Selfie-Islamism".)

· Lakshmi Sridaran, South Asian Americans Leading Together


· Alex Kronemer, Unity Productions Foundation

· Max Blumenthal, journalist (Nation columnist Eric Alterman claimed his last book "could have been a selection of a hypothetical Hamas Book of the Month Club," Hillary Clinton's response to his writing: "A very smart piece – as usual.")

· Zainab Chaudary, Rethink Media

Religious figures

· Abdul Malik Mujahid, Sound Vision

· Johari Abdul-Malik, Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center

· Omar Suleiman, AlMaghrib Institute (the subject of my previous Islamist Watch blog post, he gave a speech on "Islamophobia and the Koran" at ICNA's conference last month)

· Yasir Qadhi, AlMaghrib Institute

Academics and educators

· Akbar Ahmed, American University

· Altaf Husain, Howard University

· Debbie Almontaser, educator

· Hatem Bazian, University of California, Berkeley

· John Esposito, Georgetown University

· Jordan Denari, Bridge Initiative

· Muzammil Siddiqi, University of California, Los Angeles

· Sahar Khamis, University of Maryland

The list presents a useful cross-section of many components of the Islamist movement in America today. CAIR stands in front as the de-facto leader due to it possessing the most sophisticated and long-cultivated media outreach network. But it relies on academics for intellectual and tactical guidance, Islamic theologians for validation within the Muslim community, and a broader network of media and activist organizations to get out their messages. While men largely lead the movement, numerous female leaders and activists also play substantive roles, sometimes even surpassing their male colleagues. (Many of the Millennial and Generation-X female leaders rising in CAIR and other Islamist groups are starting to outpace many of the older baby boomer male leaders...)

Also included in the activist coalition are a handful of non-Muslims who have embraced the Islamist ideological program for much the same range of sad reasons that some Americans sympathized with the Soviet Union during the Cold War: some are just duped and naïve, others true believers, and the worst are morally blind cynics and secular nihilists who realize many Islamists have deep pockets.


Image illustration via Wikimedia Commons, credit to Michael Scott Van Wagenen