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Lawful Islamism is a radical and supremacist interpretation of Islam that seeks to incrementally destroy Western society from within and replace it with a Sharia-compliant theocracy -- culturally and politically rather than violently. Methodically and patiently. With words not bullets. Activism not bombs. Flying under the radar, these Islamists exploit our Constitutional freedoms to undermine American and Western values of religious pluralism, women's rights, equality under the law and free speech.

The goals of Lawful Islamists and Islamic terrorists are the same. Only their methods differ.

Northern New Jersey is a close second to Dearborn, MI when it comes to Islamist activity. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (left) and Congressman Bill Pascrell (center, campaign poster) are deep in the cesspool of Islamist influence. Both have assisted Mohammad Qatanani (right), imam of the Islamic Center of Passaic County (ICPC), evade deportation to Israel, where he was convicted of supporting the terror group Hamas.

New Jerseystan

Northern New Jersey is thought to have the second largest concentration of Muslims in America, second only to Dearborn, Michigan outside Detroit. Well organized and financed, Islamism has seeped into New Jersey politics, where politicians are fiercely loyal to their constituent-patrons – including Hamas supporter Imam Mohammad Qatanani of the Islamic Center of Passaic County (ICPC). New Jersey politicians are helping Qatanani avoid deportation to Israel, where he was convicted of being a member of the terror group Hamas.

  • "Troubling Islamist Associations for NJ Democrat," by Joel Mowbray. FrontPage Magazine, June 5, 2012. (Last week, in a Democratic primary for a newly drawn New Jersey Congressional district, incumbent Rep. Bill Pascrell trounced fellow incumbent Rep. Steve Rothman, 61 percent to 39 percent. One of Pascrell's closest allies is Mohamed El Filali, an executive with the ICPC, whose founding imam is in jail on terrorism charges and whose current imam is fighting deportation on terror-related grounds. A Pascrell supporter claims the Congressman raised over $100,000 from the Arab/Muslim community. What could go wrong?)

  • Last month, Daniel Pipes and Steve Emerson documented New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's Islamist Problem in the National Review. Like Pascrell, Christie's political power base is northern New Jersey and Christie is associated with the same circle of Islamist figures, including the ICPC. Andrew C. McCarthy recently wrote an extensive analysis of the Governor's conservative credentials and concluded Christie Is Not One Of Us.


Father's Day – Best Buy's Sponsorship of Hamas-Linked CAIR

Qanta Admed, M.D. (left) bravely speaks out as an Anti-Islamist Muslim. Congressman Frank Wolf (R-Virginia) (center) has provided courageous leadership in Washington against Justice Department ties to Hamas-linked CAIR. Despite an FBI ban on cooperation with CAIR, White House official George Selim (right) admits to "hundreds" of federal department and agency meetings with CAIR.

Government Relations With Hamas-linked CAIR

Profile in Cowardice: George Selim, White House Director for Community Partnerships:

  • "Obama Administration admits to 'hundreds' of meetings with jihad-linked group," by Neil Munro. The Daily Caller, June 8, 2012. ("There is (sic) hundreds of examples of departments and agencies that meet with CAIR on a range of issues," said George Selim, the White House's Director for Community Partnerships. In response, terrorism expert Steve Emerson said: "It's an outrage that the Administration empowers such bad actors and ignores the courageous moderate Muslims who stand up to these self-anointed hucksters." After admitting the ties, Selim and his deputy, Adnan Kifayat, berated the Daily Caller for recording the interview and accused the paper of committing a felony.)

Profile in Courage: Congressman Frank Wolf (R-Virginia):

  • "House report urges Justice Dept. to cut ties with CAIR," by Caroline May. The Daily Caller, May 14, 2012. (The Fiscal Year 2013 Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Bill, which recently passed the House, contains in its Committee Report (a separate public document that spells out how agencies are expected to spend the money allocated to them) a recommendation that Attorney General Eric Holder follow in the FBI's footsteps and sever all Justice Department ties with CAIR. The bill was sponsored by Congressman Frank Wolf (R-Virginia). You can thank him using this form and entering zip code 22603-2323.

  • Based in part on pressure from Congressman Wolf, the Justice Department Inspector General is investigating interactions between FBI field offices and CAIR. The review will determine if these interactions were in compliance with FBI policy and guidance that restricts certain interactions with CAIR. "For the administration to be meeting with these people is disappointing and shocking," Congressman Wolf said.

Hidden Voices – Anti-Islamist Muslims

  • "The Evolution of an Anti-Islamist Muslim," by Qanta Ahmed, M.D. The Huffington Post, June 3, 2012. ("I learned unlike my own experience, many Muslims struggled with a pervasive sense of inferiority influencing all their beliefs, sense of justice and identities leading to deep and rather novel resentments. The fascist supremacy of Islamist ideologues was therefore a predictably appealing, if very frightening development, which, to my perspective was completely alien to the Islam I knew. … Throughout the world, the Islamists' goal is one and the same: to stoke the fires of unwitting Muslims into believing in their own manufactured sense of victimhood as a means to exploit both the uninformed Muslim and, often times, the liberal democracies where we make our homes. … It is this last fallacy, of collective victimhood, that most fuels my drive to expose Islamism for what it is – a weak yet vicious imposter for a great religion, an imposter which seeks to exploit and devour both Muslims and non Muslims in its pursuit for power and dominance.")

  • In 2010, Dr. Ahmed made an astute observation about the role of Palestinians in preventing the Muslim world from examining its own maladies. "Israel and the Flotilla: On the Dangers of a Binary View," by Qanta Ahmed, M.D. The Huffington Post, June 20, 2010. ("Palestinians are now objectified political pawns, rather than a people. … We the Muslims need the Palestinians to remain locked in their plight so that they might continue to serve as the Ummah's scotoma (a blind-spot) which literally prevents us from seeing our own more immediate distresses, distresses which might demand our attention and perhaps even require societal interventions. We would be lost, disarmed, and stunned without an external locus for our rage which is so piercingly trained on Gaza and the West Bank, so piercing in fact that Darfur barely warrants a sidelong glance.")

The Fall of Europe

  • "Europe's Witch Hunt," by Giulio Meotti. FrontPage Magazine, June 6th, 2012. ("Princeton University's Bernard Lewis once told the German daily Die Welt that 'Europe will be Islamic by the end of the century.' We are already living through the self-extinction of European civilization." Journalists and writers who shed light on the true nature of Islamism are treated as refugees in their own countries, prisoners in their own houses.)

  • "How Politically Correct Liberals Left a Muslim Gang Free to Rape British Girls," by Mike McNally, the PJ Tatler. Pajamas Media, May 18, 2012. (Nine men were recently jailed in Britain for raping and abusing dozens of girls aged as young as 13 over a period of several years. These would be horrific crimes under any circumstances. But the case had an added dimension: All of the rapists were Muslims, and all of their victims were white. Many liberals in the media, politics, and the criminal justice system, charged with guarding the flame of multiculturalism, are falling over themselves to deny that "race" – a term used to downplay the religious aspect – had anything to do with it. Politically correct attitudes to all things "racial" among the relevant authorities meant the victims' ordeals went on for years longer than might have been the case. When the victims first reported abuse to authorities, the police and prosecutors failed to act because, it's claimed, they were "petrified of being called racist.")

  • For more on the British rape scandal, see "Anarchy in the UK," by Mark Tapson. FrontPage Magazine, June 12th, 2012.

Lawfare – Islamist Assault on the NYPD

  • "A Lawsuit Only Jihadists Could Love," by Robert Spencer. FrontPage Magazine, June 8, 2012. (A group of New Jersey Islamists – New Jersey? Shocking! – filed a lawsuit against the NYPD over its successful counter-terrorism surveillance program targeting Islamist businesses and mosques. The lawsuit comes after a three month-long investigation by the New Jersey State Attorney cleared the NYPD of any wrongdoing. When all else fails, Islamist supremacists file costly lawsuits to intimidate and silence their critics. Even an unsuccessful suit can cost defendants millions in attorney fees. The Middle East Forum's Legal Project helps defend victims of Islamist lawfare.

Dhimmitude – Subservience to Muslims

  • "Under Allah with Sharia for All," by Janet Levy. American Thinker, June 2, 2012. ("The largest potential pool of terrorists gets a pass from security officials, while non-Muslims are victimized by overzealous surveillance measures that were not in place until the largest attack on American soil in history, perpetrated by Muslims in the name of Allah. When the rights and feelings of Muslims matter more than those of non-Muslims, law enforcement is forced to put the "civil liberties" of a designated group -- Muslims -- and their religious accommodations above national security, thereby hindering law enforcement's ability to collect vital intelligence on potential threats.")

The Lawful Islamist "is the polite collector you pay in the hope that the leg-breaker won't be next at your doorstep. And even as he sneers in his nice suit at the leg-breaker's crudity, you somehow know all your money is going to the same place." -- Andrew C. McCarthy, The Grand Jihad, p.14