31 of January's most important Islamism stories you won't want to miss. 

For many years now Islamist Watch's senior research fellow David Rusin has maintained an archive of links and excerpts to stories relating to Islamism both at home and abroad. He usually adds 5-10 items each day and here are 31 of the most important picks from January that you won't want to miss:

1. BBC, January 31: Tariq Ramadan Arrested Over Rape Allegations

2. Investigative Project, January 30: Google Partners with Anti-Semitic Extremists

3. London Times, January 29: Cowardice Allows Muslim Extremism to Thrive

4. London Times, January 28: St. Stephen's Head Likened to Hitler After Hijab Ban

5. New York Post, January 27: Radical Imams Spew Anti-Semitism With Impunity

6. Xinhua, January 26: Italy Arrests Four, Deports One On Suspicion of Terrorism

7. Ilford Recorder, January 25: Ilford Teenage Extremist Admits Terrorism Charges

8. Courthouse News, January 24: Mom Says NJ School Assignment Recruited for Islam

9. APT, January 23: Afghan in German Court for 'Killing Christian Convert Mum'

10. Jerusalem Post, January 22: Anti-Israel Model Steps Down from L'Oreal

11. Kanas City Star, January 21: Kansas Author Faces Backlash Over Muslim Character

12. Daily Mail, January 20: Police Called In After School 'Intimidated' into Dropping Hijab Ban

13. FrontPage Magazine, January 19: Muslim Derangement Syndrome in Canada

14. Washington Post, January 18: Under Islam, Orlando Shooter's Wife is Also Guilty

15. National Post, January 17: Canadians Don't Need a National Day Scolding Us for Islamophobia

16. Free Beacon, January 16: Obama's ICE Didn't Follow Proper Procedure

17. CBC News, January 15: Reported Hijab Attack Did Not Happen

18. London Times, January 14: St. Stephen's School Bans Hijab for Girls Under Eight

19. Gatestone Institute, January 14: Germans Tackling Exploding Anti-Semitism?

20. Breitbart, January 12: French Media Pushing Pro-Migrant Narrative

21. Investigative Project, January 11: Anti-Semitism in Europe is the New Cool

22. Reuters, January 10: German Jewish Council Says Migrants Must Visit Concentration Camps

23. Algemeiner, January 9: North Carolina Imam's Anti-Semitic Sermon

24. Arab News, January 8: Qatar Slammed for Funding 'Terrorist' Muslim Brotherhood in U.K.

25. AFP, January 7: France Marks Three Years Since Charlie Hebdo Attack

26. Politico, January 6: German Conservatives Propose Deporting Anti-Semitic Migrants

27. Novinite, January 5: Further 10 Million African Refugees Threaten E.U.

28. Toronto Sun, January 4: Iranian Protestors Shun Hijab

29. Daily Caller, January 3: Congressman Keith Ellison Poses With Antifa Handbook

30. Washington Examiner, January 2: CAIR Slams Trump Over Huma Abedin Tweet

31. Telegraph, January 1: Halal Meat and Animal Cruelty Concerns