The situation at England's Whitemoor Prison has gone from bad to embarrassing. Earlier this year a review of the high-security Cambridgeshire facility found that dangerous Muslim inmates were gaining the upper hand while "staff appeared reluctant to challenge inappropriate behavior," fearful of being accused of Islamophobia. In response, the Ministry of Justice prescribed activities to "increase mutual understanding between staff and prisoners."

Several news items illuminate how this soft approach has played out. First:

A convicted Al-Qaeda terrorist who planned a "dirty bomb" attack in London took part in comedy classes while in prison, it emerged yesterday [November 21].

Zia Ul Haq, serving 18 years for his part in the failed terror bid, signed up for the eight-day course with 17 other inmates.

Estimated to have cost taxpayers £8,000 (currently about $12,000), the program was scuttled before convicts could finish the course and "put on a comedy show for fellow inmates."

Second, incarcerated Islamists enjoyed a rather pricey meal to celebrate one of their holidays:

Muslim prisoners at a maximum security jail were treated to £3,500 of takeaway curries to mark a religious festival.

Some 200 inmates at Whitemoor Prison near March in Cambridgeshire had meals worth around £18 each after complaining about the quality of jail food.

The dinners were not only over budget by a factor of ten, but required a ridiculously long drive to procure. Officials are also looking into suspicions that checks for contraband and weapons were not carried out due to concerns that the food would get cold.

But bending over backwards has helped bring peace to Whitemoor, right? Wrong. A recent inspection report notes that fanatics there have stepped up efforts "to force inmates to convert to an extremist form of Islam," while an article from November claims that "Al-Qaeda supporters have set up a kangaroo court, sitting in judgment on prisoners and ordering punishments."

Two observations: First, Whitemoor demonstrates once again how appeasement only emboldens the practitioners of Islamism, whether violent or nonviolent. Second, while officials slammed the pampering of inmates, these same people pamper lawful Islamists with accommodations that enable the steady advance of Shari'a. If the government is so apt to cave to obvious radicals behind bars, should we be surprised that it caves to smooth-talking Islamists in nice suits?

With or without the Whitemoor comedy hour, jihadists of all stripes have much to laugh about.