Stay informed: check out our compilation of March's 31 most important Islamism-related stories. 

For many years now, Islamist Watch's senior research fellow David Rusin has maintained an archive of links and excerpts to stories relating to Islamism both at home and abroad. He usually adds 5-10 items each day. Here are 31 of the most important picks from March that you won't want to miss:
  1. The Local, March 31: Austrian migrant ‘propaganda’ play cancelled after outrage
  2. Reuters, March 30: U.S. visa applicants to be asked for social media history: State Department
  3. Morocco World News, March 29: France Expels Moroccan Imam Accused of Legitimizing Jihad AdobeStock_45890139.jpeg
  4. FrontPage Magazine, March 28: ICNA’s Abdul Rauf Khan Targets Gays with Propaganda from Group Promoting Hizb-ut-Tahrir
  5. The Local, March 27: Swedish MP plans on emigrating to Hungary to escape immigration
  6. Politico, March 26: Bolton and Pompeo might unleash Trump on ‘radical Islam’
  7. The Local, March 25: Swedish Isis fundraiser statuses were on Facebook for two years before deletion
  8. Gatestone Institute, March 24: UK:Islamization Full Speed Ahead
  9. KSAT, March 23: BCSO: Parents beat, poured hot cooking oil on Taft HS student for refusing arranged marriage
  10. Christian Post, March 22: Atheist Richard Dawkins Warns Against Celebrating Demise of 'Relatively Benign' Christianity in Europe
  11. Gatestone Institute, March 21: France: Free Speech on Trial - Again
  12. Bristol Post, March 20: Somali mother made to sign form saying she 'will not have her child cut' when taking her on holiday
  13. The Wichita Eagle, March 19: A Malaysian flag at a Spirit worker’s party was reported as an ISIS symbol, suit says
  14. Daily Caller, March 18: Ellison Claims He Hasn’t Met Farrakhan Since 2013, Denies 2015 Hotel Visit
  15. The National, March 17: ‘I am totally innocent’: New Tariq Ramadan video
  16. Campus Reform, March 16: ‘Crusaders’ mascot succumbs to ‘Islamophobia’
  17. Economist, March 15: The number of ex-Muslims in America is rising
  18. BBC News, March 14: Why 3 anti-Islam activists were refused entry to the UK
  19. Lancashire Telegragh, March 13: School run taxi driver ‘left children alone in care while he went to pray in mosque’
  20. Dutch News, March 12: Rotterdam election pact undermined by Islamic party’s ‘Israel=IS’ tweet
  21. Israel National News, March 11: Muslim Anti-Semitism on the German Internet
  22. The Hill, March 10: Female genital mutilation a practice America must do more to condemn
  23. JTA, March 9: Dutch Muslim party won’t join Amsterdam coalition against anti-Semitism
  24. Toronto Sun, March 8: Enough with the feminists who stay silent on Islam
  25. National Post, March 7: On Women’s Day, drop the doublethink on hijabs (especially you, cosmetic companies)
  26. Free Beacon, March 6: Federal Investigation Into Al Jazeera Gains Steam After Qatar-Funded Spy Op on U.S. Jews
  27. Daily Caller, March 5: Seven House Democrats Have Direct Ties to Notorious Anti-Semite
  28. Breitbart, March 4: German School With 99 Per Cent Migrant Background Pupils Forced To Hire Security
  29. New York Post, March 3: Woman who accused Women’s March founder of harassment cover-up faces lawsuit
  30. College Fix, March 2: UConn to host speaker who once called for ‘jihad’ against U.S. ‘fascists’
  31. JTA, March 1: Arab teenagers arrested in beating of Jewish boy outside Paris-area synangogue