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Articles by Islamist Watch
Title Publication Date
When Moderate Muslims Speak, They're Ignored Toronto Sun February 3, 2015
Mosque Controversy Follows Trudeau Toronto Sun August 13, 2014
Nonviolent Islamism in the News
Title Publication Date
Doors open for Muslim Brotherhood? Toronto Sun June 1, 2014
Berkeley students must tweet on Islamophobia Toronto Sun February 5, 2014
Jihadi battle cry on Toronto mural Toronto Sun October 1, 2013
Honour killings are dishonourable Toronto Sun October 9, 2012
Some death threats don't count National Post March 4, 2011
Mischief in Manhattan Ottawa Citizen August 7, 2010
Tariq Ramadan and the Muslim Brotherhood Montreal Gazette April 14, 2010
Quebec shows the way National Post March 30, 2010
From an ex-Muslim, true Islamophobia National Post March 12, 2010
You can't ignore the role of radical Islam Ottawa Citizen November 10, 2009
Has Jack Layton converted to Islam? National Post September 22, 2009
CBC and jihad Calgary Herald December 11, 2008
Banks are helping sharia make a back-door entrance The Globe and Mail January 25, 2008
Mark Steyn has a right to be wrong Maclean's December 12, 2007