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Articles by Islamist Watch
Title Publication Date
Islamist G├╝len Movement Runs U.S. Charter Schools American Thinker March 29, 2010
Niqab, the Pseudo-Islamic Face-Veil American Spectator December 3, 2009
Nonviolent Islamism in the News
Title Publication Date
'Islamophobia' in the Bay Area? American Thinker August 13, 2013
Northeastern University's Islamists American Thinker October 14, 2012
Kosovo Bans Islamic Headscarf and Religious Instruction in Public Schools Weekly Standard September 7, 2011
Berkeley-CAIR Islamophobia Report: 'No There, There' American Thinker July 17, 2011
Ingrid Mattson: No Longer Leading ISNA, but Still Advancing Radical Islam American Thinker February 20, 2011
From Sweden to Macedonia: Radical Islam Continues Probing Europe Weekly Standard December 14, 2010
Islam in Europe Destroyed by Radicalism? Weekly Standard October 11, 2010
'Zaytuna College' and Its Continuing Media Circus American Thinker September 28, 2010
A Muslim case against the mosque New York Post August 3, 2010
A Mosque Grows Near Brooklyn Weekly Standard July 26, 2010
Obama's Islamic Envoy: Obama Is America's "Educator-in-Chief on Islam" Weekly Standard June 24, 2010
Kosovo Says No to the Headscarf in Public Schools Weekly Standard April 14, 2010
It Can Happen Here Weekly Standard December 28, 2009
Identifying Muslim Radicals Weekly Standard December 9, 2009
America's First Islamic College? American Thinker December 7, 2009
What Johnny Needs to Learn about Islam Weekly Standard December 7, 2009
Fort Hood: The Saudi Camel in the Room Hudson NY November 25, 2009
Take a look at Hasan's old mosque New York Post November 7, 2009
Tariq Ramadan Repudiated American Thinker August 28, 2009
Shariah: Tutoring the Times TCS Daily November 25, 2008
Multiculturalism Run Amok Weekly Standard July 9, 2008
Our survey shows British Muslims don't want sharia Spectator July 9, 2008
CAIR vs. the NYPD The Weekly Standard April 11, 2008