Writings by Anne-Christine Hoff

Counter-Islamist Grid
Title Publication Date
Long Arm of Hamas Extends to Dallas-Fort Worth Black Extremist Groups Iconoclast (New English Review) July 24, 2020
Muslim Congress: America Is Israel's Puppet; Jewish State Will Be Annihilated after 20 Years The Iconoclast (New English Review) June 27, 2020
Islamic Extremism and Interfaith Dialogue in Texas The American Thinker January 1, 2020
Islamists and the Border December 9, 2019
The Islamic Association of North Texas's Radical Facebook Footprint The American Thinker October 31, 2019
Weaponizing Compassion in Dallas The American Thinker August 20, 2019
The Charter of Compassion's Interfaith Backdoor for Islamists The American Thinker August 7, 2019
CAIR Continues Law Enforcement Obstruction Policy Over ICE Raids The American Thinker July 22, 2019
Resistance Grows to CAIR efforts to undermine Texas Textbooks The American Thinker July 12, 2019
Dallas Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Defiant in Wake of MB Leader's Death June 26, 2019
Long Arm of Islamist Erdogan Impacts Dallas Area Youth Basketball The American Thinker June 10, 2019
Dallas-Area Islamist Imam Faces Pushback for Congressional Invocation The American Thinker May 15, 2019
Omar Suleiman: 'Jesus Was a Palestinian' The American Thinker April 27, 2019
Will Media Cover The Background of this Prospective Texas City Council Candidate? February 20, 2019
Valley Ranch Islamic Center's Lesser-Known Side The American Thinker January 22, 2019
Houston Mayor Praises CAIR The American Thinker December 18, 2018