March for Justice Chairman and Muslim Brotherhood operative Nidal Sakr has been living in the United States since he escaped Egypt, in March 2014, days before he was sentenced to death for the murder of an Egyptian police officer. While in the US, Sakr has repeatedly called for President Donald Trump's execution, something that is punishable by US law. Whether serving his Egyptian sentence or his potential US sentence for his threats, he needs to be located so that he could be brought to justice.

Nidal Mohamed Sakr was born in Providence, Rhode Island. He describes himself as "US born from Palestinian origin." In a videotaped lecture Sakr gave, in October 2012, he claimed that his mother is Egyptian and enlisted in the Muslim Brotherhood (al-Ikhwan al-Muslimin) at an early age, carrying weapons and ammunition for the group. He stated, "Let me be very clear about this. I was born into Ikhwan, and my mother actually is from the first generation of Ikhwan."

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