Rotterdam's mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb would not take back his controversial remarks on Salafism. Last month the mayor, a Muslim himself, caused uproar when during an interview he stated that every Muslim is a bit of a Salafist. Salafism is an ultra-conservative branch within the Sunni Islam.

"There were no wrong words used in the interview, but perhaps the radio is too volatile of a medium", Aboutaleb told the city council on Friday. The mayor's provocative remark was heard during an interview on the radio-program Dit is de Dag.

His statement caused him a "motie van treurnis", a motion of regret, on behalf of the coalition-party Leefbaar. Leefbaar is the biggest faction in the city council with 13 seats. A motion of regret is a motion where the body who makes the motion disapproves a particular action or a deed made by its subject. The motion did not win a majority, even though it had the approval of the opposition party VVD.

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