There was no genius behind the prediction that the influx of Muslim migrants into Europe would cause a sharp rise in anti-Semitism, and anti-Israel propaganda. The Muslim immigrant anti-Semites from Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, didn't need President Donald Trump's recent recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital as an excuse to express their hate for Jews and Israel. They have been honed on Jew-hatred in their own mosques, through President Erdogan's demagoguery, and through the Arab media.

The Washington Post reported (December 20, 2017) that, "A recent survey commissioned by AJC Berlin found 'widespread anti-Semitism' among refugees. Officials have also expressed concerns over the influence of the Turkish government on the almost 2 million German Turks, even though many of them have lived here for decades, especially after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the recognition of Jerusalem a "red line" for the Muslim world and threatened to cut ties with Israel."

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