Twitter has suspended me again. The last time was in January, 2018. Strangely, they thought they could oust me without citing any particular tweet of mine. I challenged them a number of times, demanding why they suspended me, and every response was that my suspension stood. A number of my friends and supporters caused an online backlash, demanding that Twitter restore my account, and after a few days, Twitter wrote me that my suspension was a “mistake”. It was definitely a mistake, as I’ve never threatened anyone, and I criticize “hateful conduct”, I don’t engage in it. But I figured that they would pull it again, and they have.

Now, they accuse me of “hateful conduct”, and like last time, they’re ignoring my challenges to my suspension, replying that my suspension stands. But unlike last time, they cited a particular tweet/reply of mine to someone on Twitter who took exception to my criticism of Marvel Comics and their Muslim superhero character. If you’re not aware that Marvel Comics is engaging in Islamic propaganda, I’ve been writing against it since they began a number of years ago.

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