A famed Oxford scholar said he was on a plane from London to Lyon at the time a woman accuses him of raping her in France — but French media reports that he actually took an earlier plane from Madrid to get to France. Now a video uncovered by BuzzFeed News shows he was actually attending a conference in Spain, damaging his alibi.

Tariq Ramadan is a French-speaking, Swiss-born academic who studies Islam and philosophy more broadly and has been a professor of Islamic studies at Oxford University since September 2009. In the past often called upon by European governments to advise them on Islam, before last year he was most well-known outside of Europe for clashing with the George W Bush administration over obtaining a visa to teach in the US in the 2000s and being the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Last October, two women accused Ramadan of raping them in separate incidents in 2009 and 2012.

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