Omar Suleiman is an immensely popular Palestinian-American imam — and he counts Linda Sarsour among his many ardent admirers.

But as I have recently documented, Suleiman has expressed views that indicate antisemitism and support for violence against Israel. Shortly after The Algemeiner published my previous article, Suleiman put up a Facebook post that might have been meant as a response.

On the one hand, he seemed to regret some of his statements, because they reflected "anger" and "immaturity;" on the other hand, he claimed that some of the views he had expressed were "intentionally decontextualized."

While I certainly did not "intentionally decontextualize" anything that I documented, Suleiman has many platforms available to clarify his views. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that beyond the examples I documented, there is more material that suggests Suleiman holds deep-seated anti-Jewish resentment.

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