Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout, the founder and President of the American Muslim Association of North America (AMANA), does many things for the Muslim community. He organizes rallies, he acts as a mosque liaison, he arranges relief missions, and he gives out books and educational materials through his group. Zakkout, as well, does things to affect the Jewish community, however in a horrifically negative way. He uses social media to spread the most insidious forms of anti-Semitism. Recently, he continued in this path, by posting a video onto Facebook of a march taking place in Morocco that celebrated violence and bigotry against Jews.

In October 2015, a heavily anti-Semitic Palestinian solidarity march took place in Casablanca, Morocco. A video of the march found its way onto the Facebook page of Muslim leader Sofian Zakkout, this past April. In this video, marchers held signs displaying Nazi swastikas and fists breaking through Jewish stars; a Jewish star was spray-painted on the ground with a red "X" painted atop it. The video also portrayed individuals dressed as Orthodox Jews held on the ground at gunpoint by masked men wearing keffiyehs. As one Jew lie helpless, his beard was ripped from his face by one of the gunman. A separate video from the march showed the Jews being stabbed to death.

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