Pembroke Pines, Florida Commissioner Jay Schwartz is upset at the executive order signed by President Donald Trump temporarily banning travel by immigrants to the United States from seven Muslim majority nations. He is so upset that he is voicing his ire by embracing Keith Ellison, an anti-Israel US Representative who has recently been reprimanded by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and who cavorts with groups associated with Hamas and violent hatred of Jews.

On January 29th, Pembroke Pines Commissioner Jay Schwartz wrote the following on his Facebook page: "As a Jew, I will not allow the President of the United States to discriminate. As an American I will not allow my community be torn apart." He then announced that he would be initiating a demonstration to be held January 31st at City Hall.

His statement and announcement reflected the feelings that many people held – whether appropriate or not – after President Trump, on January 27th, signed into law a travel ban of those coming from Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Libya and Somalia. What was controversial about Commissioner Schwartz' posting, though, was that he attached to it a photo of himself with eyes and hands locked in an embrace with radical Muslim, US Congressman Keith Ellison.

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