Belgian law enforcement hosted a program run by U.S. security experts on identifying and reducing violence by terrorists, including those targeting Jewish communities.

The program all last week culminated an invitation by Belgian authorities in the wake of a series of deadly bombings in Brussels in March 2016 to a Rutgers University team of experts in extremist violence to assess causes and come up with recommendations.

The training sessions, organized by the Rutgers experts and Belgian law enforcement, were completed in two districts in Brussels familiar with extremist violence: the Sablon, a neighborhood with Jewish institutions, including the Jewish Museum, targeted in a deadly 2014 attack; and Molenbeek, a community with a large Muslim population that drew attention when it emerged as a haven to some planners of the deadly 2016 attacks in Brussels and in Paris, including one on a Paris kosher supermarket. Participants included community leaders and law enforcement officials.

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