The Italian news site ANSA reported Wednesday that a convert to Islam who calls himself Muhammad Santamato "posted material praising jihad," and is now, authorities said, to be "deradicalized." Italian authorities could just as well have said that they weren't going to do anything to stop Santamato from carrying out a jihad attack, since one of the most obvious but little-noted aspects of the West's catastrophic response to jihad terror is the abject failure of "deradicalization" programs.

ANSA noted that "Alfredo alias Muhammad Santamato, 42, was flagged as a potential threat, perhaps using his truck to target civilians as in recent attacks in Nice, Berlin, London and Stockholm, police said." But relax: "his license has been confiscated and he now has to report to police while doing a special course aimed at erasing his Islamist beliefs, sources said."

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