Amsterdam PvdA politician Munire Manisa was flooded with negative reactions when she took a position on the board of LGBT interest association COC last week. She was accused of being a traitor, a bad Muslim and that her DNA was infected by unbelievers. "I did not want to pay attention to it, but apparently people think that I'm silent because I accept these cowardly accusations", she wrote in response on Facebook.

Manisa says she is proud to be part of COC. "No, this does not make me a bad Muslim", she wrote. "I still love my faith and Creator. Especially because my faith is centered on love, solidarity and equality. So yes, I'm a proud Muslim."

She adds that her family also got caught up in the backlash of her announcement. "My family is completely apart from this and nothing or nobody has the right to insult me and my family like this."

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