In the past few months, we've witnessed an assortment of leftist groups trying their best to advance a discredited and pernicious narrative that attempts to link the current administration with a spike in white nationalist anti-Semitism. There is little if any empirical data to support this contention. In fact, we now know that those responsible for the majority of bomb threats directed against Jewish community centers across the U.S. have absolutely no connection to white nationalist groups. One was a Bernie Sanders supporter while the other was a deranged teen who resides in Israel, whose motivation for making the prank calls still remains unclear. Their arrests have all but deflated the storyline peddled by the left.

Unfortunately, these very leftist groups – including the Southern Poverty Law Center and the fringe Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect – which did their best to derail Trump with hoaxes and false narratives pertaining to anti-Semitism have remained disgracefully silent in the face of real Jew hatred on college campuses across the United States.

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