The Dol-fijn swimming pool in Maassluis had to hire in extra security due to threats received after PVV leader Geert Wilders posted a critical tweet about the pool on Twitter earlier this week. "We owe all this to Geert Wilders", Dol-fijn manager Richard Ritmeester said to newspaper AD.

This commotion started because of an announcement on the Dol-fijn website. The announcement offered swimming lessons to "(immigrant) women" who want to get their A, B, or C swimming diploma in a screened-off place. "Sharia swimming in the Netherlands", Wilders tweeted.

The swimming pool realized that their announcement may create confusion, and adjusted the text. Dol-fijn doesn't only offer swimming lessons in their screened off area to Muslim women, but to women of all nationalities, Ritmeester emphasized.

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