Linda Sarsour knows how to attract attention. She may be the most visible Islamist activist in the United States today, and her use of the word "jihad" during a speech to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) July 1 generated a predictable response from opponents, followed by an even more predictable wave of sympathetic media coverage.

The Huffington Post and Time magazine published op-eds defending Sarsour, who until recently directed the Arab American Association of New York, and accepting that she did not use to word to incite violence. The Washington Post went further, giving Sarsour her own op-ed to cast herself as "a target of the Islamophobia industry."

It might be easier to give her the benefit of the doubt if she didn't have such a deep history of hatred and extremism, especially against everyone who supports Israel's right to exist. It also might help if she didn't make a point of lauding radical Islamists and at least one terrorist.

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