Tamim Chowdhury, a Contracting Officer and Project Manager at the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in Washington, DC, recently exited from his position as leader of a radical Muslim organization, Emerge USA. He conveniently left his relationship with the group off his LinkedIn page, while only mentioning his government affiliations. Now, after this extremist part of his life was exposed in FrontPage, he has taken callous postings he had made in Facebook – denouncing President Trump and portraying racist stereotypes – and hidden them, as well.

Tamim Chowdhury once boasted, during an interview, that he was the first National Executive Director of Emerge USA, an organization headquartered in South Florida with a small number of local chapters around the country. Yet, since he departed the group last year, he does not appear to be so keen on sharing the experience. This is indicative of the fact that he left any and all mention of the group off of his LinkedIn page. Why?

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