Forensic Files, on the HLN network, shows how science helps solve crimes. In "Honor Thy Father," a 2004 episode now being rebroadcast, the show opens a window on crime, Islam, and terrorism alike.

Zein Isa, born in Palestine, brought his family to the United States in 1985 and opened a grocery store in St. Louis. He liked living stateside because the United States was an easy place to "rip off," as Guarding the Secrets author Ellen Harris makes clear in the Forensic Files episode. As it turned out, the grocery store was part of his cover.

Isa was also a partisan of the PLO and working with the Abu Nidal network, which planned to bomb the Israeli embassy in Washington. So the FBI bugged the residence of Zein Isa, his Brazilian wife Maria, and their daughter Palestina. Tina, as she was known, had lived in Brazil, Puerto Rico and on the West Bank, but found happiness in the United States.

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