Earlier this week, the Daily Caller published a piece alleging that Women's March founder and Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour covered up sexual harassment during her time as executive director of the Arab American Association. A woman named Asmi Fathelbab accused Sarsour of ignoring complaints against a man named Majed Seif who she claimed would regularly rub his erection against her.

Sarsour is a well known bugbear of the conservative media, and for good reason. Breitbart has called Sarsour a "fake feminist", while Fox News portrayed Sarsour as a symptom of worsening anti-Semitism in America. Not to be outdone, the National Review called Sarsour "a radical apologist for terrorism" and Israel's Arutz Sheva prefers to call her "a crybaby terrorist".

I, too, have called her out for things I thought were moral failings.

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