The German foreign ministry has launched a website to discourage would-be migrants from making their journey to Germany: "Rumours about Germany: Facts for Migrants". It aims -- in English, French and Arabic -- to debunk "some of the most common false promises made by traffickers", such as:

  • "Every refugee receives a welcome payment of 2,000 euros",
  • "Germany grants a house to every refugee" or,
  • "The ship for the crossing is very big, it even has a pool and a cinema."

The new website comes in the wake of "AWARE MIGRANTS", a similar project jointly developed by the Italian Ministry of the Interior and the International Office for Migration(IOM) in July 2016. Whereas the goal of "AWARE MIGRANTS" was to raise awareness about the dangerous journey across the African desert and the Mediterranean, "Rumours about Germany" focuses mostly on the economic aspects of asylum seekers' lives in Germany -- which the website paints as one of hardships and dismal prospects:

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