The pipe dream of peacefully integrating self-proclaimed "refugees" from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other terrorist prone countries into European society is falling apart. Germany, which led the way in opening the floodgates to such refugees, has become a leading incubator of jihadist-inspired terrorism in Europe. Prosecutors in Germany have opened up approximately four times as many terrorism-related cases this year so far than during all of 2016, and more than ten times than in 2013. There are at least 705 Islamists in the country said to be willing to carry out a terrorist attack, with thousands of more Islamists also present in the country. Germany's federal police (BKA) chief, Holger Münch, has said that the terrorist threat posed by jihadists is far graver than any threat from domestic terrorists on the left or the right.

Sex crimes have also risen in areas of Germany inhabited by refugees. The mayor of one town told his constituents, who were upset by the increase in sexual harassment from the migrants, "Just don't provoke them and don't walk in these areas." German citizens are being told to cede their freedom of movement in their own city to refugees who refuse to accept the legal and cultural norms of their host country.

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