Constantin Schreiber is Germany's most famous Arab speaker. A 37-year-old television journalist and news anchor, Schreiber shot to fame as presenter of Marhaba (an Arabic greeting used for "hello"), a series that clocked up millions of viewers from recently-arrived asylum seekers curious about their new home.

After attracting praise for telling the human stories behind Germany's refugee crisis, Schreiber has now published a controversial new book – Inside Islam, painting a sober picture of Friday sermons inside 13 German mosques he visited unannounced.

Preparing for his project, Schreiber was surprised at how little German authorities know about the Muslims in their midst. There are roughly 4.7 million Muslims and 2,300 mosques in Germany – both are estimates as there are no official figures. Nor is there any official oversight by German tax authorities of mosque finances, despite concerns over foreign funding.

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