The umbrella group representing French-speaking Jewish communities in Belgium filed an appeal with a federal court against a regional ban on the production of kosher and halal meat.

The Belgian Federation of Jewish Organizations, or CCOJB, filed the motion with the Constitutional Court of Belgium earlier this week seeking an injunction against the ban passed in May by the parliament of Belgium's Wallonia region – one of the binational kingdom's three autonomous regions, CCOJB's president, Yohan Benizri, told JTA on Tuesday.

Both the Wallonia region and Belgium's largest, the Flemish region, passed laws earlier this year that as of 2019 outlaw any slaughter that is not preceded by stunning. Both halachah, the Jewish religious Orthodox law, and Muslim religious laws forbid the consumption of animals that are not fully conscious when their necks are cut. If the animals are stunned at the time of the slaughter, the meat is not considered kosher by Jewish standards and halal by Muslim standards.

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