On Monday, Kenneth Bialkin, a top business attorney at Skadden and a former member of The New School for Social Research's Board of Directors, sent a letter to New School president David E. Van Zandt, notifying the university that the panel would jeopardize his future involvement.

"I am proud of the New School's history as a refuge for scholars who fled Nazi Germany, including Jewish thinkers like Hannah Arendt and Leo Strauss," Bialkin writes in the letter, which Tablet has obtained. "However, I must question my commitment to continued investment in a university that has seemingly institutionalized the anti-Semitism of the radical left. In agreeing to host a panel on anti-Semitism that will propagate animus and bigotry towards the Jewish people, The New School has adopted a position that would be diametrically opposed by the institution's venerated founders."

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