Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), the first Muslim American elected to Congress, on Saturday blasted President Trump's executive order stopping refugee entry into the U.S., calling the decision "contrary to everything we cherish about America."

"Minnesotans know that our country is at its best when our policies reflect our values of generosity and inclusion. We've opened our doors to immigrants and refugees from around the world, including Somalia and Sudan, and our community is better for it. They're our teachers, our doctors, and our small business owners. They're our friends and neighbors," Ellison said in a statement.

"President Trump's Muslim ban will threaten the lives of thousands of refugees seeking asylum. It will make it harder to fight extremists in the Middle East who frame the conflict as a religious war between Christianity and Islam. It will undermine our international credibility and diplomatic strength. It will encourage resentment and fear between Americans of different faiths. And it will lead to more hate crimes and attacks on racial and religious minorities."

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