Recently, an Afghan woman who converted to Christianity was murdered. More and more refugees in Germany are being targeted for turning away from Islam. Are these only isolated cases?

The mother of four was only 38 years old and had been living in Germany since 2011. The former Muslim woman had converted to Christianity and was involved in a project to help refugees run by her community church in Prien am Chiemsee in Bavaria. None of her friends had ever thought it possible that the woman would be stabbed by a 29-year-old refugee, also from Afghanistan, on the street in front of her children's eyes.

Police were initially cautious regarding the motive of the crime. The attacker was considered to be "mentally unstable" and is undergoing psychiatric treatment, but the investigators are also considering the woman's conversion into a different religion as a possible motive. After all, the suspected murderer had been described as "very religious."

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