A controversial charity that has been investigated by several countries for its links to extremism appears to be bankrolled by the State of Qatar. Muslim Aid, a London-based charity with thirteen offices around the world, has received at least a million euros since 2011 from the Qatari government or one of its state-supported charities. In the past, the organisation has been investigated by the governments of England, Wales, Spain and Bangladesh over its alleged funding of terrorist movements. Muslim Aid was also banned in Israel in 2008 for supporting Hamas' fundraising network, designated a terrorist group in the West.

The link will be particularly distressing for Spain, which has allowed Qatar to build up to 150 mosques in the country until 2020. In 2002, a Spanish police report found that Muslim Aid sent funds to Mujahideen fighters in Bosnia, which Spanish troops had fought to pacify in the decade preceding. Spain has recently had to deal with its own radicalization issues, and its leaders may be disconcerted that so many new mosques are under construction with oversight from Muslim Aid.

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