Following the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale Airport perpetrated by Esteban Santiago, which left five people dead and many others injured, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel took the opportunity to discuss his thoughts on gun policy, calling for tighter measures to ensure people with mental health issues do not have access to firearms. While that is indeed a noble goal, it is quite the opposite of the Sheriff's policy of giving guns to radical Muslims and providing a gateway for other radicals – even those like Santiago, himself – to learn how to shoot them.

New Jersey-born and Puerto Rico-raised Esteban Santiago-Ruiz canceled his New Year's flight plans to New York City and, instead, purchased a one-way ticket to Florida, where three of his siblings live. Prior to leaving his residence – a motel room he had rented in Anchorage, Alaska – he sold off his car and all of his possessions. That is, all of his possessions save for one, a Walther 9mm semi-automatic pistol, which rested inside of the only piece of baggage he checked for the flight to Florida, a handgun case.

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