In late August 2014, Linda Sarsour declared that Imam Omar Suleiman made her "more proud to be a Muslim and a Palestinian." One year later, she praised him as one of several Muslim "scholars ... who speak truth w/ courage & w/o apology." Suleiman responded: "jazakiallah khayr [may Allah reward you with goodness] and thank you for being a leader in the trenches!"

In July 2016, Sarsour promoted a glowing tribute to Suleiman and told [archived] her Twitter followers: "Check out this profile of one of America's most prominent imams @omarsuleiman504. Proud to call him a friend." Suleiman warmly returned her compliments, responding: "Just following in your footsteps :-) It's an honor to have you as a sister, friend, and leader." And just a few weeks ago, Sarsour shared yet another article praising Suleiman; she told her followers: "Imam @omarsuleiman504 has inspired me to love my religion even more. A man of spirituality, conviction & justice."

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