Austria's Islamic Faith Community (IGGiÖ) has expressed its objective to show more transparency to the greater Austrian population. In an interview with Kurier, the organization's president, Ibrahim Olgun stated that a portion of the country's 350 prayer spaces will be open to the public during Friday prayers.

This would normally only be on the agenda for the upcoming Day of Open Mosques, however now it will be made a more regular occurrence. IGGiÖ's 28-year old presiding representative also shared his goal to convince Austrian imams to deliver their sermons in German, or to at least have them simultaneously translated.

His aims also include strengthening their youth outreach and education programs. According the statements he made in his interview with Kurier, the organization is currently in the process of creating a rubric for Muslim enterprises, such as kindergartens, to follow. The set of guidelines is said to comply with Vienna's plan for education.

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