Nabeelah Hafeez had just left her studies at the University of Bradford and was running a little late for evening prayers. She headed for the nearest mosque she knew of, not one she had visited before.

Weighed down with her bags, books and the remains of a half-eaten sandwich left over from lunch, she rushed through the main doors of the building without really looking around, quickly removed her shoes as custom dictates, and hurried through to the main hall where prayers were about to start.

Too late, Nabeelah realised that she had made a big mistake, and was being stared at as though she was completely out of place.

"Without knowing, I had just walked into the men-only space," she says. "I plucked up the courage to look around at the disapproving expressions, some men awkwardly looking away, some depreciatively staring directly at me, shaking their heads, and some confused and disoriented at a female figure invading their space, slowly moving away."

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